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MSc Applied Economics in Entrepreneurship Management

Applied Economics in Entrepreneurship management program aims to cultivate the skills to be an interdisciplinary talent who has international vision, cross-culture background, solid entrepreneurial management theories, and innovative problem solving capability. This program provides you knowledge about world cultures and societies, a treasured skill by employers worldwide that search for experts that can successfully manage multiple markets. This program also qualifies you for more prestigious job opportunities such as the role of an entrepreneur. You can even get into teaching at university level, get involved in research work, or even land jobs in governments and multilateral organizations.

The School of Business offers a three-year program leading to the Master of Applied Economics in Enterpreneourship. Students can finisth the program between 2.5-5 years. It means excellent graduate students can apply for defence and graduation in advance if they complete their program earlier. Meanwhile, graduate student can apply for delay graduation (no more than 5 years) and be approved by their academic advisors, dean, and the agency of post-graduate.

Core curriculums:Economics, Data Analysis, Electronic Commerce, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, International Business Law, Risk Management, International Trade, etc.