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BSc International Economics and Trade

The objective of this program is to train those who will become senior specialists with the capability to systematically master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of international economics and trade. Students will obtain knowledge in economics, international economics and trade, basic theories and methods for the development of regional economy, international trade rules, etc. Students would be able to understand the domestic and international economy, grasp trade operation mechanism and development law, improve proficiency in using a foreign language in business. They should have the skills to use modern information technology, communicate effectively and efficiently, manage and coordinate contingent work, and innovate. They will have the competence to work in export-oriented enterprises, government foreign trade departments, and multinational companies.

Core modules:Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, E-commerce, Introduction to World Economy, International Trade Theory, Import and Export, International Finance, International Economics and Trade, International Settlement, etc.

BSc Marketing

International Cooperation College’s Bachelor Program is designed: 1. to build responsible, reliable and effective marketing elites; 2. to offer students the experience, the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for an international career in a global economy; 3. to give students the opportunity to become part of the International Cooperation College student and alumni community, a network of long-lasting relationships; 4. to use English as the teaching language; 5. to train students to master the basic marketing theories, to know the current development of the economy and trade both in China and overseas, and to be familiar with Chinese culture and economic background, have a strong practical ability in Chinese language when doing international trade and international business communication.

Core modules:Microeconomics, Economic Mathematics, E-commerce, Strategic Marketing, Market Research and Forecasting, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, ERP, International Business Law, etc.

BSc Business Administration

This programme takes modern business enterprises as the research object, employs business management activities as the main learning content, and strengthens the practical teaching of management and entrepreneurship. Students are expected to learn knowledge from multiple domains including management, economics, philosophy, sociology, history, and law. It is designed to assist students to grasp basic theories and knowledge that can systematically master business management analysis and decision-making, develop modern international vision, enhance management and entrepreneurial capabilities, etc. to become future professionals.

Core modules:HR Management, Business Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operation and Management, Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Entrepreneurial Practice of the SME, etc.